Why should start Blogging?

That’s it, just start to write. It’s my first writing on web development. I just don’t know how to write but I know I need to write. So let’s jump on it…

Importance of writing as a developer, this what I got on google search

Screenshot from 2021-07-24 22-28-51.png

As you can see, You just have to think of yourself as a business.

If you are a beginner then you should start writing now, here’s why

It forces you to understand the topic It keeps you motivated Last but not the least, it helps you retain what you have learned

These points are all self-explanatory, the first point is true for every type of teaching format. There is a famous saying “ The best way to understand something is to teach it to others”_I don’t know who said it but whoever said it, said the truth. And when you wish to write on a topic you will be forced to do some research on that topic which will, in turn, make your understanding deeper.

Yes, you will definitely feel the motivation when you start to receive good feedback from your readers, I’m sure this one thing will motivate you like no motivational speaker can[ although i haven’t experienced it ]. When you will see your growth and deepening of your understanding and other benefits emitting from your writings you will definitely never want to go back.

Last not the last, I won’t say anything about it but I think you got my point

If you are a senior developer, well in that case I don’t have anything to say to you. You definitely know more than I know, if you haven’t started to write or at least create content then here's what you are missing

Potential new clients Potential followers Potential recognition A lot of earning opportunities And most importantly giving back to the community

I could list more and talk some more time, but hopefully, this is enough and it makes you consider writing today.